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As we do with titanium, a similar sortation process is utilized when segregating nickel alloy scrap fasteners, allowing us to extend premium pricing to manufacturers and recyclers. You will find our offer particularly attractive for A-286 and Inco-718 scrap fasteners and tool steel (M-1, M-2, M-42). To maximize your return on nickel refinery items and tool steel, contact Letvin and Son for a quote.

As one of the largest processors of scrap titanium and high temperature alloy fasteners in the United States, Letvin and Son has an impressive list of satisfied clients who have come to trust our service. We are a Boeing Approved Vender and trusted scrap metal recycler for aerospace and major manufacturing concerns. Maintaining high quality has always been a top priority.

Prompt, reliable payment for material shipped is another reason our customers have come to appreciate doing business with Letvin and Son. Shipments can be FOB your plant, with letters of credit for international purchases. Destruction certificates will be provided as needed.

Our segregation and destruction process is so respected that we are one of the few Boeing Approved vendors to purchase scrap fasteners. In fact, S. Letvin and Son Inc. is not only approved by Boeing for destruction of head marked fasteners, but we were actually instrumental in establishing recommended practices for the disposal of Head Marked Fasteners.

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