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Los Angeles, CA.

S. Letvin and Son is aggressively seeking new alliances with manufacturers and recyclers. Our clients, including most major aerospace fastener manufacturers in the United States, are receiving the highest price anywhere in the world for 6/4 titanium scrap fasteners and other small solids. Now, through the internet, we are making this offer to companies around the globe.

Our proprietary, fully automated sortation process gives S. Letvin and Son an unbeatable advantage over the competition. No other company can sort and segregate contaminated 6/4 titanium and other high temperature alloy scrap fasteners more quickly or efficiently. New clients who have traditionally received ferro-ti prices for their material are pleasantly surprised to discover they can now get double, triple and even higher returns for the same package by selling to S. Letvin and Son.

Favorable market conditions and our ability to supply a high quality roto-grade 6/4 titanium feedstock in volume has kept demand for our material at an all-time high. That's why we are dedicating our efforts to seeking new sources from manufacturers and recyclers around the world. Contact us today, and let S. Letvin and Son boost your profits.

Web Changes...

The site has been updated for the new millenium! Our goal is to provide a convenient way for you to find out about our company and reach us (via E-mail) if you need further information or service.

Thank you for your interest in S. Letvin and Son. We hope you will find this overview of our company and services informative. 



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