Titanium Fastener Sortation

A simple, unqualified statement:

No dealer anywhere can offer a better price

for 6/4 titanium scrap fasteners and small solids.


And Here's Why:

Unbeatable Efficiency...

Sorting a mixed load consisting of thousands of scrap fasteners has traditionally been time consuming, labor intensive and, unfortunately, unreliable. But not at Letvin and Son. We've replaced traditional sparking, acid and spectrographic testing methods with an efficient, reliable and fully automated sortation process. All non-titanium alloys, including steel and nickel alloys, are removed quickly and reliably. The sorted material is degreased, polished and dried. Our quality control is rigid, allowing us to unconditionally guarantee a high quality, "roto-grade" 6/4 titanium feedstock to major titanium mills throughout the country.

Because of our proprietary process we can do what no other recycler can do. This translates into Premium Pricing for our customers.

Unparalleled Service...

Exceptional pricing is just part of the Letvin and Son promise. We've established a solid reputation as a professional, service-oriented recycling company with a policy of prompt payment. This solid commitment to serving the needs of our customers has been a tradition at Letvin and Son for over 50 years.

Worldwide Capability...

Letvin and Son can make arrangements for shipments of any size, FOB your plant or ours, anywhere in the world.

Boeing Approved
International Titanium Associate

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